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The Best Summer Grilling Recipes

The Best Summer Grilling Recipes

Spiced Salmon Kebabs and Grilled Chicken with Mom's Barley Corn Salad

If you’re thinking of grilling out, we have a couple recipes that just might be the perfect thing. Most importantly, each recipe was packed with flavor. First up, we grilled Bon Appetit's Spiced Salmon Kebabs. 

Spiced Salmon KebabsBon Appetit

Fish is a weeknight wonder for grilling- little marinating time and cooks up quick. They're also great for a weekend when you'd rather be out enjoying that sunshine rather than over the stove cooking up a meal for your family and friends. These kebabs are cubes of salmon threaded between lemon slices and sprinkled with a cumin, sesame and crushed red pepper dry rub. Done in minutes on the grill, you should bookmark this for summer. 




  • Either ask your fish counter if they’ll skin the salmon. Or you can freeze filets for at least until semi-solid.  Flip the fish over, skin side up. On one of the corners, take a sharp knife and start to skin the fish. Once you’ve skinned a bit, grasp the skin and it should peel away easily with your fingers. You may get stuck once or twice, just use your knife to keep it going.

  • A well oiled grill is necessary here. Also, wait until you have a good, brown sear. You’ll lessen the chance of the salmon sticking.

  • Grill too much to deal with? We made these on a grill pan and on a hot plate (it’s the lake house!) and had great results. Might even work with a good broiler.

chicken with barley corn.JPG

Grilled Chicken with Mom’s Barley Corn SaladIowa Girl Eats

Grain salads don’t often feature barley. After tasting this salad, we’re not sure why. It’s chewy, satisfying and is a delicious foil to the summery tomato sauce. This salad and chicken make a complete, summery meal that deserves a place in your potluck or "cooking for a crowd" rotation.  It's perfect for a large crowd, with whole grains for the health conscious but bacon and avocado for everyone else. I feel like that makes for a welcoming, inclusive meal... 5 stars in my book!  


  • This recipe uses just one pint of cherry tomatoes, which is a dream for shopping.

  • We thought the grain salad was good but may have gone with either bacon or avocado, not both.

  • If you have one more summer barbeque to attend, this would be a crowd pleasing option. Or as a lunch prep item as the barley salad (perhaps without the avocado) will keep for a couple days.


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