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Episode 66: Summer Herbs

Episode 66: Summer Herbs

Vietnamese Citrus and Noodle Salad with Fresh Herbs and Fried Yuba, Fresh Herb Risotto, and Basic Lemon and Herb Fish en Papillote

Farmer’s markets are in full swing, full of fruits, vegetables, and bunches of herbs. Fragrant and fresh, we’re always so tempted to bring home as much as we can fit into our tote. The problem...what to do when we get home? Not to worry, we have three great recipes to use those herbs with fish, in Vietnamese noodle salad, and in a creamy risotto. Shop to your farmer’s market loving heart is satisfied.

Vietnamese Citrus and Noodle Salad with Fresh Herbs and Fried Yuba: Serious Eats

Citrus, plenty of fresh mint and cilantro, and fried tofu are tossed with rice noodles and a spicy dressing. We loved the contrast of bright flavors and crunchy peanuts. Pile this on a big platter for an impressive (and vegan) dinner party dish.


  • We had great success with fried firm tofu instead of yuba. Slice into ¼ inch slices and brown for 5 minutes per side.

  • If you have leftovers, bring them to room temperature before serving. Rice noodles can be tough when cold.

  • Watch your peppers for the dressing! Kate had spicier peppers than she realized and nearly blew her socks off.

  • Later this summer we might try this with tart plums or maybe slightly underripe mangos.

Fresh Herb Risotto: NYTimes Cooking

Overzealous herb buyers will love this risotto packed with two full cups of fresh herbs. Cooks can choose their favorites to mix and match- think dill, parsley and arugular or mint, parsley, and chive. Pick your favorites and you won’t go wrong.


  • Betsy scaled back the herbs to one cup for her family and it was still tasty. More palatable for little mouths.

  • Don’t fear risotto! This was Betsy’s first time and it went really well. She found the directions easy to follow.

Basic Lemon and Herb Fish en Papillote: Fine Cooking

Cooking en papillote is a French term for cooking in a little envelope of parchment paper. The sealed package keeps all the moisture in the fish for a tender filet. The fish is flavored with spring onions and gremolata of parsley, lemon, and garlic. Light and elegant, this is a recipe that looks and tastes sophisticated.


  • You may need more time for the fish to be done. Make sure the parchment is fully puffed and browned.

  • Not everyone cared for the moist texture of the fish. If that’s the case, this would also be delicious pan-fried with the gremolata on the side.

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