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Episode 61: Rotisserie Chicken

Episode 61: Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken Salad, 20 Minute Thai Chicken Curry Soup, Easy BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza

Six o’clock in the evening. You have been out all day but dinner has yet to come together. To the rescue- a rotisserie chicken! Sure, you can serve it up with some bagged lettuce and call it a day. No judgement here. You could also try one of our three recipes this week and shake things up a bit. We’ve got an elevated dinner salad with a creamy-tangy dressing, a quick soup with the depth of red curry paste, and a family favorite BBQ chicken pizza. Rotisserie chicken is more talented than we thought.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad :Bon Appetit

Sometimes a big bowl of fresh greens and vegetables hits the spot for dinner. This salad from Bon Appetit puts a polish on the dish with homemade dressing and croutons. At the finish you have a lovely platter of butter lettuce, radishes, and chicken, tossed with a slightly smoky and creamy scallion dressing, topped with avocado and croutons. Not a bad way to end the day.


  • Pressed for time? Use your favorite salad dressing instead. Or make the salad dressing and skip the croutons.

  • The salad dressing kept in the fridge for about a week with no problem. Make it ahead if you’re planning for a busy week and your future self will thank you.

20 Minute Thai Chicken Curry Soup : Salt and Lavender

Curry pastes are a genius way to add deep flavor to dishes. (Hundreds of years of culinary traditions will do that.) We loved Thai red curry paste sauteed with garlic and ginger then simmered with broth, rice noodles, chicken and coconut milk. Finished with herbs and green onion, this is a soup that makes for a quick and satisfying dinner.


  • The soup kept well in the fridge, flavor-wise, but the rice noodles do absorb a lot of the broth. Either add a bit of water to thin when you’re reheating or embrace it and eat it as a saucy noodle dish.

  • Thai red curry paste can vary in spice and flavor. Try different brands to find your favorite.

  • Add sriracha at the end if you’re looking for some kick.

Easy BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza: Bowl of Delicious

Full disclosure: the Dinner Sisters have never been to the California Pizza Kitchen. Which means we can’t vouch for whether this is a accurate copycat recipe or not. What we do know is this naan pizza was surprisingly delicious. Something about barbeque sauce, melty cheese and the finish of fresh cilantro just did it for us. Whether or not this is like the original, this pizza was a winner.


  • Naan freezes beautifully. Pull out one or two pieces at a time for solo dining.  Pop the bread into the oven frozen and give it a few more minutes to toast the first time.

  • Betsy’s kids like naan as a crust for more “traditional” flavors like pepperoni.

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