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Episode 62: Simple Cake by Odette Williams

Episode 62: Simple Cake by Odette Williams

Simple Cake by Odette Williams

Baking a cake for your family and loved ones can be an act of love -or frustration if you don’t have a good recipe. Odette Williams gives us great recipes to make cakes that aren’t necessarily fancy but are delicious and packed with love. This episode we not only made some fantastic cake (Those madeleines! The lemon yogurt cake!) but had a chance to get some tips and techniques from Odette herself. Happy baking!

Betsy made: Lemon Yogurt Cake, Tangy Olive Oil Cake, Very Vanilla Cake. She liked the ability to mix and match toppings and flavors of cake.

Kate made: Chocolatey Chocolate Cake and Madeleines. Her recipe made tender, gorgeous Madeleines that made me very popular with my partner, James.

Odette also answered questions from our listeners about ingredient substitution and dealing with a wonky oven.

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