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Episode 47: The Big Game

Episode 47: The Big Game

Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes, Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders, and Loaded Buffalo Chicken Sammies

Even if football isn’t your jam, who doesn’t like fun party food every now and then? Whether you’re preparing for your next football party or Settlers of Catan play-off, we think cheesey, carby goodness is the way to go. We have two classics of the sports bar/party platter genre: Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes and Crunchy Parmesan Chicken tenders. Both of which we know will be crowd pleasers. But if you want to be the talk of the party, try the Loaded Buffalo Chicken Sammies. Blue cheese, ranch dressing, buffalo chicken, and corn chips? Sign us up.

Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes: Life Made Simple

Bacon and cheese are the stars of this twice baked potato. We can’t find anything wrong with serving these at a any gathering that isn’t taking itself too seriously.


  • We both microwaved our potatoes until soft, about 7-10 minutes. (Make sure to poke holes in the potato before zapping it.) While we missed the crisp exterior that comes from baking, we also don’t think anyone really cared. Cheese will do that to people.

  • If you’re in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to cool the potato before cutting, grab it using a kitchen towel. The towel is grippy and will protect your hand from all that steam.

Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders: Giada De Laurentiis and the Food Network

Chicken tenders are a classic party food for a reason. Crunchy, familiar flavors, and hand held for dipping. Giada De Laurentiis’ version includes parmesan cheese and a balsamic dipping sauce, which we thought was a welcome twist on the typical ranch or ketchup.


  • Egg allergy? We’ve got you. If you use egg-free bread crumbs this is a great version.

  • We don’t think these would travel very well as they would lose their crisp.

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Sammies: The Candid Appetite

Loaded doesn’t even begin to describe these little sandwiches. We’ve got blue cheese, ranch dressing, buffalo chicken, carrots, celery, and blue corn chips. Don’t forget the Hawaiian rolls! Pinterest, eat your heart out. Bring these sammies along and be the talk of your next party.


  • If you can’t find Hawaiian rolls, Kate substituted Martin’s potato rolls successfully. Any rich, mildly sweet dinner roll would work well here. The only caveat is to keep them small. Any bigger is just too much.

  • Control the heat factor by the buffalo sauce you add. With the added ranch, cheese and mayo you might like a spicier sauce. Or add a couple dashes of Frank’s Hot Sauce (or your favorite hot sauce) to kick it up a notch.

From the Smorgasbord:

We talk travel coffee mugs. Betsy likes a 12 ounce size because it fits in her pocket. Kate loves her new Zojirushi travel mug. Seals tight, no leaks, and stays warm almost all day.

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