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Episode 30: Dinner Party

Episode 30: Dinner Party

Pork Tenderloin with Port and Dried Plums, French Carrot Salad, and Semifreddo di Cioccolato

Thirty episodes! More than half a year at this podcast and we’re ready for a party. Our dinner party this time is a pork tenderloin roasted with potatoes, onions, and apples with a unctuous dried plum sauce from Garlic and Zest. One of our favorite blogs, Cookie and Kate, has a recipe for a punchy carrot salad that contrast well with the pork. We wrap up the meal with one of our favorites, Marcella Hazan, and her Semifreddo di Cioccolata.

Pork Tenderloin with Port and Dried Plums: Garlic and Zest

This recipe is almost a one pan meal- you roast the pork, potatoes, onions, and apples all on the same tray at the same time. But the dried plum (aka prunes) sauce with port, mustard, and butter really take this over the top into a dinner party worthy dish.


  • When the pork is done the potatoes might need a little more time. Pull out the pork to rest and pop the potatoes back in for another 10- 15 minutes. Then your perfectly rested tenderloin will have perfectly roasted potatoes.

  • We thought the apples were a little overcooked. In fact, at the end of the roast they were almost completely dissolved. Next time we might put them in only at the last 10-15 minutes.

  • Betsy used a rich red wine instead of port for the dried plum sauce and thought it was a fine substitute.

French Carrot Salad: Cookie and Kate

The rich pork and dried plums needed a kicky foil and this salad delivered. Grated carrots, scallions, and a lemon-forward vinaigrette were a crunch contrast.


  • The recipe called for optional chickpeas and we left them out for the dinner party meal. We might add them in for a lovely lunch option.

  • Grating the carrots by hand or food processor is best. Shredded carrots from the store may not hold the dressing as well.

Semifreddo di Cioccolata: Marcella Hazan: NYT Cooking

A dinner party needs dessert! The bonus is that this frozen dessert doesn’t need any special equipment. Just whip egg whites, heavy cream, and add grated chocolate for a light and airy treat.


  • Save yourself some dishes if you’re using a stand mixer. Whip the egg whites first, transfer to a bowl, and then whip the heavy cream. Doing it in this order means you can whip the whites without worrying about any fat from the cream deflating your eggs.

  • Grating the chocolate isn’t the most fun task in the world. But doing so means you get a melt-on-your tongue treat, rather than chunks of hard, frozen chocolate.

  • True to it’s name, a semifreddo melts quickly. Pull it out of the freezer only when you are ready to serve it. No need to let it soften on the counter. Hot fudge (for the aforementioned reasons) is also not a great idea.

From the Smorgasbord:

We love our listeners and our Facebook group! Thanks for all the ideas (lentil tacos!) and help with quandaries (we think cast iron is just fine on a glass countertop).

It’s Award Time!

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