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Episode 22: Tomato Season

Episode 22: Tomato Season

Pasta with Marinated Tomatoes and Herbs, Stone Fruit and Tomato Salad with Basil and Mozzarella, & Savory Tomato Poundcake

Summertime means hot weather, beach days, and all the tomatoes you can get your hands on. The Dinner Sisters embrace tomato season with three recipes that will do justice to your garden victories or farmer’s market hauls. Plus we have a tip for skinning salmon, a summery cucumber salad, and a way to make your summer fruits and vegetables sing. 

Pasta with Marinated Tomatoes and Herbs: NYT Cooking

Turn your farmer’s market tomatoes into a low cook dinner by marinating with olive oil, salt, olives, herbs and canned tuna. The only thing you need to do is cook pasta when you’re ready. Light yet filling, this is an ideal summer dinner.


  • Start this early enough in the day if you’d like to have it for dinner. Give yourself at least 5 hours or so for best taste. In other words, eat lunch and then get cracking on the tomatoes.

  • Use a better canned tuna- usually we choose an imported tuna in oil. But lately we’re really liking the American Tuna brand.

  • If this recipe makes too much for your household, consider making half the pasta at one time. In other words, marinate the tomatoes, herbs and tuna. Boil half the pasta and toss with half of your marinated mixture. Reserve the second half and refrigerate. The next day, bring the container to room temperature (about a half hour). Boil the pasta and you have dinner or lunch on day two!

Stone Fruit and Heirloom Tomato Mozzarella Basil Salad : The Kitchen Paper

Summer on a plate! Stone fruit (peaches, plums, and nectarines) are a mouth-watering combination with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. A gorgeous plated salad for the summer months.


  • Make sure your fruits are dead ripe for this salad. The fruit is front and center in this recipe.

  • If you can’t find bocconcini, fresh mozzarella torn into chunks or a large dice would also work well.

  • We thought this worked well for lunch on its own but would also be nice with a piece of grilled white fish.

Savory Tomato Poundcake: The New Yorker

What’s in a name? For this recipe, maybe quite a bit. Don’t be put off by the poundcake title, this is a savory, cheesy, cake, punctuated by tangy tomatoes. An ideal way to celebrate the best of summer tomatoes.


  • Watch the baking time. Depending on your oven, this may take less time than indicated in the recipe.

  • The poundcake and a green salad (and maybe some poached eggs, if you’re really going for it) would make a treat of a lunch with friends.

From the Smorgasbord…

  • Tips for Skinning Salmon:

    • Try freezing your skin-on salmon filet for 20-30 minutes before skinning. The skin will peel off with a good hard tug with your fingers and a little help with your filet knife.

  • Schulz Summer Recipe: Creamy Cucumber Salad A tangy, crisp side dish you'll make all summer. 

    • Use all those cucumbers that are ripe this time of year for a cooling salad dressing with mayonnaise, vinegar, and a touch of sugar.

  • Salt it up! Use a good, flaky sea salt (we like Maldon) to give your just-picked fruits and vegetables the taste they deserve.

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