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Episode 26: Labor Day Special Episode

Episode 26: Labor Day Special Episode

Spiced Salmon Kebabs and Grilled Chicken with Mom's Barley Corn Salad

If you’re thinking of grilling out this Labor Day weekend, we have a couple recipes that just might be the perfect thing. We’ve featured both recipes before and thought they were good enough to bring back around. . Each recipe was packed with flavor and would be a delicious addition to your long weekend. 

Featured on Episode 17:

Spiced Salmon Kebabs: Bon Appetit

Fish is a weeknight wonder for grilling- little marinating time and cooks up quick. These kebabs are cubes of salmon threaded between lemon slices and sprinkled with a cumin, sesame and crushed red pepper dry rub. Done in minutes on the grill, this is a recipe to bookmark for this summer.


  • Either ask your fish counter if they’ll skin the salmon. Or you can freeze filets for at least until semi-solid.  Flip the fish over, skin side up. On one of the corners, take a sharp knife and start to skin the fish. Once you’ve skinned a bit, grasp the skin and it should peel away easily with your fingers. You may get stuck once or twice, just use your knife to keep it going.

  • A well oiled grill is necessary here. Also, wait until you have a good, brown sear. You’ll lessen the chance of the salmon sticking.

  • Grill too much to deal with? We made these on a grill pan and on a hot plate (it’s the lake house!) and had great results. Might even work with a good broiler.


Featured on Episode 23:

Grilled Chicken with Mom’s Barley Corn Salad: Iowa Girl Eats

Grain salads don’t often feature barley. After tasting this salad, we’re not sure why. It’s chewy, satisfying and is a delicious foil to the summery tomato sauce


  • This recipe uses just one pint of cherry tomatoes, which is a dream for shopping.

  • We thought the grain salad was good but may have gone with either bacon or avocado, not both.

  • If you have one more summer barbeque to attend, this would be a crowd pleasing option. Or as a lunch prep item as the barley salad (perhaps without the avocado) will keep for a couple days.


We didn’t feature these recipes but if you’re looking for other grilling options we also liked:

Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Burgers: What’s Gaby Cooking

Chili Steak with Hawaiian Rice: Good Housekeeping

Fiona’s Green Chicken: NomNom Paleo

Molasses and Coffee Pork Chops: Food Network

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Episode 27: Back to School

Episode 27: Back to School

Episode 25: Easy Cooking Summer

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