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Episode 18: World Favorites

Episode 18: World Favorites

Now and Later Instant Pot Butter Chicken,

Quick Kimchi Pancakes, and

Oversized Mozzarella Arepas with Spring Vegetables

The Dinner Sisters are traveling this week with recipes from all over the world. We make a Butter Chicken in the Instant Pot, Arepas studded with mozzarella cheese, and kimchi pancakes that were perfect with a fried egg. If you’re handling the heat as well as Kate is (hint: not well) you’ll love our suggestion for a easy to make and not too boozy summer cocktail- the spritz. We’ve got our own take as well as suggestions from Bon Appetit.

This week we cooked...

Now and Later Instant Pot Butter Chicken: Food 52

Butter Chicken is tangy with tomatoes, rich with spices and rounded out with butter and cream. A Northern Indian dish that is popular in the US, this was a fun dish to make at home and in the Instant Pot.


  • If you don’t have a high trivet or Instant Pot-safe bowl, making the basmati rice on the stovetop doesn’t add time. As long as you start the rice at the same time as the chicken, you should be on time.

  • Consider using a potato masher or wooden spoon to break down the tomatoes and smooth out the sauce. Unless you are looking for a very smooth puree, we thought it did the job without dirtying another appliance.

  • Make sure to add the second portion of garam masala- this adds significant flavor to the dish.

  • Don’t be shy with the spices- they’re necessary with this dairy-heavy dish.

Quick Kimchi Pancakes, Bon Appetit

Spicy and sour, kimchi is oftentimes a side dish or condiment. In this recipe, kimchi is chopped up and added to a savory pancake batter. Eat these as-is, with a little soy sauce, or gild the lily with a fried egg on top.


  • Kimchi can have a large range of spiciness- check the label before you buy.

  • If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a selection- try them out! Kimchi is a pretty catchall term and can include not just cabbage but also daikon radish, cucumbers and mustard greens. Different makers also mean varying levels of heat, sour and texture.

Oversized Mozzarella Arepas with Spring Vegetables: Food 52

When they said oversized, they meant it with this arepa recipe. Mix together a simple dough of masa, fresh mozzarella, and water; top with sauteed spring veggies and you have a light but filling vegetarian main dish. We loved the ease of the recipe and potential in different toppings.


  • Water is vital but not in the ingredient list- check out the directions for the amount. (1 ½ cups)

  • Since this is a 1:1 masa to water ratio, you can easily scale this recipe up or down depending on appetites. If you’d like to keep the cheese, the ratio is 1:3:1, masa to cheese to water.

  • Don’t bother with the blanching of the veggies. We felt it was an unnecessary step that ended up overcooking the zucchini.

  • Try out different toppings. Betsy’s kids wanted stone fruits- plums and peaches, while Kate made a quick mash of black beans and fresh tomatoes on top. Both were delicious.

From the Smorgasbord..

Spritzers! Such a refreshing summer drink. Here’s a couple ideas to get you started.

The Dinner Sisters “not too boozy” version:

  • In a highball glass, pour:

    • 3 oz. wine (rose and pinot grigio were our faves)

    • Lots of ice

    • ½ can of sparkling water (we liked a peach/pear La Croix but lime or mixed berry are also good)

And the cocktail hour version (great for a summer dinner party)

Booze + Soda + Bubbly Wine = All You Need for These 6 Spritz Recipes : Bon Appetit

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