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Episode 20: Dinner Party!

Episode 20: Dinner Party!

Peruvian Chicken and Rice & Strawberry Milk Tres Leches Cake

Come celebrate 20 episodes with another Dinner Party! The Dinner Sisters make a Peruvian chicken recipe and adapt it for the Instant Pot plus a tres leches cake with a strawberry bonus. Plus- listeners weigh in with some of their favorite recipes along with awards for recipes from the last ten episodes.

This week we cooked...

Peruvian Chicken and Rice

Comfort food that’s flavorful and beautiful enough for a dinner party, that’s this recipe. The rice is a pretty green from herbs and jalapeno peppers and the tender chicken cooks up like a dream.


  • Kate adapted this recipe for the Instant Pot and stove top, streamlining the directions a bit.

  • Use chicken thighs or drumsticks for this recipe if you are using the Instant Pot- the cooking time for the rice and chicken is the same. If you prefer chicken breast, cook them separately in the Instant Pot or add the chicken in the last 20 minute of the stove top.

  • Definitely make the salsa- the acid and heat perk up the chicken and rice.  

Strawberry Milk Tres Leches Cake: A Cozy Kitchen

Creamy yet light tasting, a white cake soaked in strawberry milk that is just the thing for a summer party. Done in a 9 x 13 pan, you can take it along to impress your friends.


  • Make sure to start this at least in the early morning or night before. The cake needs time to soak.

  • This cake is delicious but we wouldn’t call it a one-bowl, easy dessert. Worth the effort but make sure you have the time!

From the Smorgasbord…

Our listeners have some great recipe suggestions to share:

We gave out awards! Here are our favorite recipes of the last ten episodes.

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