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Episode 19: Game Night

Episode 19: Game Night

Weeknight Nachos, Sausage Rolls and

Pizza Bread

Sometimes dinner needs to be fun, easy to eat, and simple to make. The Dinner Sisters make recipes that work well for a casual night with family or friends. Whether you are watching or playing games, grab one of these ideas to feed the team.

We also welcome our sister Mary to the Smorgasbord. She gives us tips for ultra-creamy hummus and suggestions to make your next farmer’s market trip a success.


Corn and Black Bean Weeknight Nachos: Smitten Kitchen

We agree with Deb Perlman. Nachos should be a dinner option as much as possible. Layer the chips, corn, and peppers and top with a whole host of salad-y ingredients. It’s not quite a salad but definitely enough for dinner.


  • Set the toppings on the side so everyone can choose their own adventure.

  • Consider shredding a rotisserie chicken if you have those that like a little extra protein.

Sausage Rolls: Simply Recipes

Whether you have sausage-loving kids or a partner who remembers them fondly, sausage rolls are a quick and satisfying meal to make for game night.


  • Choose your sausage based on your dipping sauce. Marinara sausage means sweet or hot Italian sausage or mustard with bratwurst.

  • Cook the sausage a day ahead and refrigerate until you are ready to wrap in dough and bake.

Pizza Bread: Family Recipe

Change up pizza night with a braided loaf with everything you love about pizza inside. If you like a calzone or stromboli, this is the recipe for you.


  • Make your own favorite dough or pick up premade dough from your favorite spot. We liked the pre-rolled dough that made things even simpler.

  • Some members of your party may not like one topping or another but you don’t want to make multiple loaves. Split the loaf half and half and use parmesan cheese or a shake or two of oregano on top of the loaf to clue in

From the Smorgasbord…

We have our talented and knowledgeable sister, Mary, on the show. She talks with us about creamy hummus and farmer’s markets.

A hummus tip:

  • Add a couple teaspoons of baking soda to the water while you’re cooking the garbanzo beans. This loosens the skins, which should float to the top. The rest should come loose with some stirring. Skim the skins off the top and then make your favorite hummus recipe. Prepare for the creamiest hummus you’ve ever had!

Going to the Farmer’s Market?

  • Consider staple items like potatoes, onions or radishes. The farmer likely has unusual or tastier varieties than in the grocery store and likely at very reasonable prices. (At least compared to those heirloom tomatoes!)

  • Buy from all over the market- especially smaller producers. You’re not only going to get a wide variety of produce but also support farmers that are up and coming.

  • If it isn’t too busy, talk to the growers and sellers. One of the best parts of the farmer’s market is the community that is built. Be part of it!

  • Mary loves heirloom tomatoes for their variety of tastes, textures and uses. Take a piece from her tip above and ask about a farmer’s tomatoes to discover a new favorite.


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