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Episode 01: Veg Pancakes, Chicken Buddha Bowls and Soup

Episode 01: Veg Pancakes, Chicken Buddha Bowls and Soup

EPISODE 01: The First Supper

It’s our inaugural episode! In this episode we’ll introduce ourselves and then get to the recipes. This week we’ll talk about Smitten Kitchen’s Japanese Vegetable Pancakes, Thai Chicken Buddha Bowls from Damn Delicious and Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup from the Kitchn. Our smorgasbord selection is a cookie controversy. Tune in for the cookie gossip and the recipe.

This week we cooked...

Japanese Vegetable Pancakes: Smitten Kitchen

Veggie pancakes with a tangy sauce on the side. Make a four big pancakes for a meal on its own or make 10-12 pancakes as a side.


  • If shredding your own carrots and cabbage is too much- buy it pre-shredded. No regrets.However, it does look pretty with those long ribbons of carrot throughout the pancake. If you have the time and value the "look",it's worth it.

  • Watch your heat. These can burn if you turn it up too high- keep it on a medium low heat.

  • Don’t skip the sauce! So good.

Thai Chicken Buddha Bowls: Damn Delicious

Who doesn't like veggies and meat over rice (or in this case, farro). Channel your inner hipster, yogi soul and try this recipe out. The best part? Every dinner party member (we're looking at you, children) can customize the bowl to their preference.

  • Farro comes in different cook times- check your package! This can be a grain that you are cooking for up to an hour. But there are quick cooking packaged farro out there. Trader Joes makes a good quick-cooking farro. If you can't find farro, use brown or even white rice instead.

  • Shred veggies for the pancakes and the buddha bowls at the same time. Cabbage will go quicker with a mandoline. Pack into ziploc bags and store in fridge until needed.

  • Sauces can also be 2-3 days ahead of time.

Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup: The Kitchn

Red lentils and sweet potatoes blended together. Good for dinner in the bleak midwinter. Even better reheated for lunch the next day.


  • Coconut oil isn’t necessary- use a flavor neutral cooking oil if that’s what you have in the cupboard.

  • Make sure to use red lentils. They don’t have their skins so they will cook down. Other lentils will not break down as easily.


The recipe: Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Shortbread: from Smitten Kitchen

Some of the controversy:

How I Ruined Instagram’s Favorite Cookie

The Cookies Instagram Can’t Quit

Watch Alison Roman talk about technique


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Episode 02: The Instant Pot, Pasta al Limone and Dragon Noodles

Episode 02: The Instant Pot, Pasta al Limone and Dragon Noodles