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Special Episode: Look Back for 2018

Special Episode: Look Back for 2018

Our Year in Podcasting…2018 Highlights

Looking back on 2018, we can’t believe how time flies! We had so much fun with the podcast this year. Most importantly, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing listeners. You all are truly what makes this so fun!

This episode we bring back our funniest moments, all the trials, tribulations, and rewards of cooking for others, and our amazing guests!

We can hardly believe it but this year we:

  • Released 41 episodes (with two more on the docket!) and 2 Special Episodes

  • Reviewed three cookbooks (Small Victories, Kachka, and Sweet)

  • Had four guests

  • Cooked 123 new recipes

  • Made one less-than-stellar chickpea plov

  • Started a Facebook Group with over 100 members. (Not joined? C’mon over!!)

  • Sent out 41 newsletters with 80 links to food and cooking news, articles, and recipes

  • Made so many new friends! We can’t believe it!

Thank you to all of our listeners, supporters, family and friends. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Episode 42: Holiday Episode

Episode 42: Holiday Episode

Episode 41: Winter Nights

Episode 41: Winter Nights