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Episode 35: Sheet Pan Meals

Episode 35: Sheet Pan Meals

Autumn Sausage Veggie and Apple Sheet Pan Dinner, Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies, & Sheet Pan Meatballs with Crispy Turmeric Chickpeas

Sheet pan meals are super popular lately and for good reason. Everything’s piled on a half sheet pan, blasted at high heat, and nothing to do but stir it every once and awhile. Absolutely golden situation for a weeknight meal. We went looking for sheet pan meals that deliver on convenience without sacrificing flavor. We found both in an autumnal vegetable and sausage bake, golden brown gnocchi, and crispy chickpeas and meatballs.  

Autumn Sausage Veggie and Apple Sheet Pan Dinner: Cooking Classy

All of your fall favorites: brussel sprouts, red onion, apples, sweet potatoes, and kielbasa, tossed in olive oil and herbs then roasted. The kielbasa browns while the apples soften and sweeten. Add a little mustard at the end and you’ve got Fall on a sheet pan.


  • The full recipe filled our sheet pans completely. If you have two pans, divide the vegetables and sausage between them. You’ll avoid steaming the vegetables and get that delicious browning going.

  • We used a lower fat turkey kielbasa in this recipe with no regrets. Other pre-cooked/smoked sausages would be nice in here, too.

  • Break out your favorite whole grain mustard or hot mustard chutney here. (Ketchup for the kids, of course.)

Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies:The Kitchn

Shelf-stable gnocchi is a budget-friendly secret in the pasta aisle. Instead of boiling it, we crisp it up in a sheet pan with red bell peppers, red onions, and cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle a little fresh basil and parmesan on top to finish.


  • You can find shelf stable gnocchi in the pasta aisle.

  • Give this enough time in the oven to get the gnocchi crispy - that’s most of the appeal.

Sheet Pan Meatballs with Crispy Turmeric Chickpeas: Smitten Kitchen

Chickpeas are doused in olive oil, fennel seeds, turmeric, and cumin and roasted until golden and crispy. Meanwhile, ground turkey is combined with yogurt, parsley, spices and and egg for meatballs. Conveniently enough, you cook the meatballs along with the chickpeas until both are ready to be covered in yogurt and stuffed in a pita.


  • Fennel seeds are optional for this but definitely include them if you have them.

  • The recipe makes quite a few meatballs and uses two whole cans of chickpeas. Leftovers are great reheated over a big bowl of lettuce or over rice. Or go another round with more yogurt sauce and pita!

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