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Episode 36: A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Episode 36: A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving just might be our favorite holiday. All you have to do is eat! Or cook...and in that case we have some ideas for you and your family. If you’re cooking for a smaller bunch, need a new dessert that’s a little out of the box, or want a new way to do cranberry sauce, keep reading. Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Breast with Mustard Sage Crumbles: Food and Wine

Perhaps this Thanksgiving is just for a few people this year. A turkey breast is a perfect way to serve the traditional turkey without leftovers for weeks. (Really, there’s only so much turkey ala King anyone can eat.) The breadcrumb crust makes this extra special.


  • This recipe calls for a 2 pound breast which you should be able to find easily in the butcher case over the holidays. If you can’t find it, they are sometimes sold rolled up in a mesh. Just cut the mesh and proceed with the recipe.

  • Cook the turkey only until safe- 165 degrees- but watch the temperature. Overcooking will mean dry turkey breast. Use your meat thermometer!

Salted Caramel Banana Pudding: Southern Living

Turns out eight year olds know where it’s at with dessert. Betsy’s oldest chose this dessert for a Thanksgiving gathering and wowed every guest with his selection. Trust us, if you’re looking for something beyond pie, this pudding is a strong contender.


  • Dulce de Leche, if it isn’t in your regular grocery cart, can often be found in the Latino/Hispanic aisle of the grocery store.

  • Don’t be intimidated by the homemade pudding. It comes together pretty easily.

  • If you can’t find Biscoff cookies, vanilla wafers also work.

  • We liked this pudding when the cookies were a little softer. The Biscoff cookies in particular took a little longer. Chill for at least a couple hours if that is your preference as well.


Fresh Cranberry Relish: Joanna Schulz (The Dinner Sister’s mom)

We love the tart pop of this uncooked cranberry sauce. The bright red of fresh cranberries is gorgeous on a plate of turkey, gravy, and all the fixings.


  • 1 bag fresh cranberries

  • 1 medium apple, cored and quartered

  • ¼ - ½ cup granulated sugar

Add cranberries and apple to the bowl of your food processor or very strong blender. Add sugar, starting with a quarter cup. Pulse until finely chopped. Taste the relish. If too sour, add sugar 1 tablespoon at a time. Relish should be tart, almost mouth-watering. Chill for at least an hour so the flavors meld and sugar dissolves.


  • Depending on how sweet or tart you apple is, you may have to adjust the sugar. Start with only a ¼ cup and increase gradually. Sweet-tart is key, here.

  • This makes a good amount of relish. Use any leftovers to mix into mayo for turkey sandwiches or a couple spoonfuls into your oatmeal or yogurt in the morning.

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