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Episode 31: Cookbook Review: Kachka

Episode 31: Cookbook Review: Kachka

Kachka by Bonnie Frumkin Morales

Family meals are something we all share, and we embrace that feeling in our cookbook review of Kachka by Bonnie Frumkin Morales. The Dinner Sisters and our reviewer-friend Tara loved every recipe we made from this book. Our families loved it, too! We made dishes with beautiful titles, like Herring Under a Fur Coat, fed a crowd with Tuesday Soup, and soothed the spirit with Borsch. Wrapping around every recipe and throughout the book were stories of the author’s family experience in the Soviet Union and emigration to the United States. Practically speaking, the directions were clear, warm and easy to follow. We recommend this book to any cook with just a little sense of adventure, someone excited to travel into Ms. Morales’ world of schi (soups), borsch, and zakuski (little dishes).

Our review….

We cooked so much from this book! We especially liked:

Tara: Monday Soup: Recipe made a lot but was so delicious. Finishing the soup with butter and sour cream is a technique we’ll use again and again.

Betsy: Pelmeni:  I ordered a mold to make these meat-filled dumplings and we had a blast! The kids loved making and eating these. Plus, there were several different recipes for the dumplings that we’re looking forward to trying.

Kate: Borsch: James was very excited to have Borsch in the house and this recipe didn’t disappoint. Even though the weather wasn’t quite soup worthy- a balmy 75 degrees- we finished the pot with no trouble at all.

Additional Show Notes:

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