Hello, we're the Dinner Sisters.

betsy selft.jpeg

Hi, I'm Betsy... 


... not technically the middle child, being #2 of 4 (big shout out to our mom, Joanna Schulz, who is the best and we love her). I prefer "second oldest".

I love... my three kids and husband (obviously), gardening and listening to personal finance podcasts. Should you have exposure to cryptocurrency in your portfolio right now? I don't know, but surely listening to another hour-long interview with a terrifyingly young, 20 year old investor explaining block chain will help. PS - this is definitely what I listen to while I'm making dinner.

kate selfie.jpg

Hi, I'm Kate...

...and I'm the oldest. My dad claims I'm his "favorite oldest daughter." I think you can take that to the bank!

I love my partner, James (he's my favorite taste tester), and all things food. I've been cooking and baking since I was a child. The Joy of Cooking has been on my list of Best Books since I was in elementary school.

My dinner listens include '90's R&B Hits or the latest of the 15 NPR podcasts I have in rotation.